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ICS: AK Family

Our colleagues at France Airsoft published information regarding new ICS products. Scan from a catalog reveals that ICS's plan to follow tried and tested path with several products on single platform (AK74SU, AKS-74 with skeleton side folding stock, AK74 with what appears wo more...
Published on: 15.06.2006.

Tokyo Marui: Colt 1911 Subpage

This is what I typically call "non news." Small, but important update on Tokyo Marui website: they kicked off their Colt 1911 subpage, dedicated solely to their new GBB replica. Here. Redwolf is already taking preorders at 109 USD (86.67 EUR). more...
Published on: 15.06.2006.

Vega Force Company: M60 Mk43 Mod0

VFC caused quite a stir with announcement of their version of M60. Apparently they will finally ship out the first batch at the end of this month. Their AK74SU demonstrated their (reasonably high) standards. We have no reason to doubt VFC's intent to create similarly impress more...
Published on: 15.06.2006.

SRC/STTI: Upcoming products

Star Rainbow Company recently introduced several types of "shorty" AK replicas (Beta, Krinkov, AKM-S). STTI (as distributor) also announced following time schedule for up and coming products from SRC: GE-0605TM RPK coming the Jul. GE-0606TM TYPE U coming the Aug. GE-0608TM more...
Published on: 15.06.2006.