Airsoft Poker Fusion:

A Whole New Element of Tactics


Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world with almost 40 million visitors per year. In 2013, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority reported that, the Strip’s gaming revenue totalled a whopping $6.2 billion. With a burgeoning tourist industry, Las Vegas has expanded its repertoire of activities beyond the casinos and into specialized hobbies like airsoft.


Why Las Vegas?

The state of Nevada has something unique to offer in terms of MILSIM action: the desert terrain. Most Airsoft enthusiasts are familiar with jungle settings and urban combat, but very few have experienced combat situations with very minimal cover in the desert. A.C.E. Airsoft is the only exclusive field in Southern Nevada. They hold games every week and the forums usually announce ahead of time the exact date and time.

Las Vegas also has a unique flavor that’s been fused with various adventure and travel sports, making games much more interesting via their much loved poker. Poker fusion games have been around since the poker runs were popularized in the early 2000’s when poker was finally reintroduced to mainstream media via televised poker tournaments. To date, the record for the largest poker run in the Guiness World Records was achieved by Realties for Children (USA) with 1,494 participants. Poker’s ability to mesh with specialized hobbies is uncanny. From something as simple as motorcycles to more extreme versions like scuba and skydiving.

How Can it make Airsoft more Exciting?

MILSIM like airsoft usually only involve combat tactics. To insert poker elements into the game, you have to set up hidden key strategic points where a team can collect cards. This way, you can also practice SAR Tactics and adds the challenge of having to defend key positions to get the best possible hand at poker. This timed game will have a different set of challenges as you can loot a fallen competitor or team mate for cards. At the end of the round, the surviving team with the best hand will win the game. This opens up a lot of possibilities in which you choose to strategize during the game. You can go on the offensive and eliminate the competition like the original game or you can play defence and concentrate on surviving with the best hand.

Because this is a new concept, there are a lot of possible ways to end up on the winning side and experience will play a vital role in keeping your head above water. Jamie Kerstetter in an interview with Partypoker on their YouTube channel offers some good advice: you have to lose a little bit to win a lot. You can’t be the best at your chosen sport if you haven’t experienced the ups and downs of the game. Since this version is part poker, the outcome won’t solely rely on your competence at Airsoft.