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BEGADI: Silicone oil, silicone grease and black repair color

Begadi is European online store, which primarily deals with airsoft related consumables (BBS, gas, greases, and accessories). Web store is customer friendly- it is translated in 14 languages. I can vouch for Slovene language- translation is very functional. Both price lists and shipping costs are

GUARDER: Speeder 2000 Airsoft Chronograph

Good chronograph is essential tool for serious airsoft enthusiast. Maybe not for garden variety airsoft players, but event organizers and airsoft teams simply can't afford to be without one. It is in best interest of both organizers (to keep speeds on safe and legal level) and serious players (


"If they don't see you... they don't shoot you.®" This simple nugget of wisdom is a motto of Tenebraex Corporation, Massachusetts. Compromising one's position due to reflections from objective lens (battle optics) can ruin a perfectly good day on the battlefield: it means loss of

CLASSIC ARMY: M249 Cloth Box Magazine

Any support weapon is effective only if it can provide sustained fire support, which is achieved trough volume of fire. Volume of fire demands ample ammo supply, high rate of fire and reliability. And FN Minimi is no exception to this rule. Ammunition is fed into the weapon from a 200-round ammunit


More experienced airsofters will remember obnoxious rods, intended for filling up NormCap magazines. Lugging them around was awkward; filling process was slow and tedious. They were perfect advertisement for HiCap magazines- which we all happily used. Five years ago we didn't have luxury of co

PRIVATE PARTS: Magwell Conversion Kit for G36

Models from Heckler&Koch's G36 series are considered to be among the best assault rifles in the world. Designers decided against using STANAG compatible magazines which is understandable, as Armalite/Colt magazines are not exactly epitome of reliability. Need proof? Look no further than Heckle

GUAY GUAY: Carbine Visible Laser (CVL)

Lasers were until recently part of the science fiction staple. In the last 10 or 15 years they became part of any household. As always, militaries were fore runners in laser application since they have has numerous ideas of practical application in almost every facet of combat. Pictures of grunts wi

MAD BULL: Gemtech HALO Airsoft Suppressor

Suppressors (let's pretend that terminology in airsoft has some importance and average airsoft player gives a foot that magazine is not a "clip." Suppressors suppress sound, produced by violently exiting powder gases; silencing would mean that weapon is completely silent, which is not the case)


As you probably know by now, Mad Bull acquired license to manufacture Gemtech's tactical products. Trend of acquiring rights to manufacture high quality replicas of equipment from captains of the tactical industry is probably one of the most welcome changes for the better in airsoft.

JB UNICORN: Rail Covers

RIS (Rail Interface System) is received a warm reception in Airsoft. Reasons? At least twofold: players either want replica, which resembles weaponry of special forces; or they want to emphasize their individuality with adding accessories. Rails, when not in use, are usually covered with rail cove

RICO TACTICS: Beta 9 Sabre

In course of my airsoft career, I've have seen many improvised tactical illumination solutions. They look crude, but they do work- to an extent. Those, who are constantly pushing boundaries of their equipment, tactics and overall knowledge were until recently without cheaper alternatives for th

G&P: VLI X9 Type A

Tactical illumination systems became irreplaceable part of modern operator's equipment. Warfare has transformed from open space, maneuverable warfare to fighting in urbanized, populated terrain. And as they say, evil preys in the shadow, so it is vital to bring light to otherwise dark places.

PROUD: Noveske KX3

M16/M4 platform is often branded as unreliable and over complicated. But at the same time, it is still impossible to deny that it is not ubiquitous. Its system may not be as robust as AK's gas system, but family, build upon Eugene Stoner's AR15 has other advantages. Among most notable are

PFI: PFI-838 Smokecap

PFI entered ranks of airsoft manufacturers in mid 2006. Their first product was PFI-828 Hand grenade. It is no wonder that their products are popular with war gaming community in Hong Kong, where use of explosive powered airsoft ordnance is prohibited. PFI states that has his own in-house research a

HURRICANE: 552 Holo Sight

Iron sights are time tried, experience proven, rugged and readily available solution for target acquisition. It is no wonder that one of the first lessons in any marksmanship class is dedicated to correct use iron sights. Despite rather flattering description in the beginning of this review, iron


Yet again we shall take a closer look at replica sound suppressor. Advanced Armament's SCAR-SD is licensed product by Private Parts Airsoft, a budding Taiwanese accessories manufacturer. As always, we will begin with quick overview of Advanced Armament Corporation's activities and their pr

VANARAS: 3X Magnifier

Another hotly disputed question in airsoft is usefulness of scopes. Qualities of red dot sights are no longer disputed but short engagement distances and low output energy dictates that scopes are not necessary. Or are they? Scopes serve their purpose as a part of a setup (when trying to ach

KING ARMS: Vltor MUR receiver

King Arms receivers are - at least this is our opinion- one of the best after market products in their class. Quality of manufacture, attention to details and features (which we will return to in the moment) are strong selling points over its competitors. Their features are well known, so we will me

KING ARMS: 3x Tactical scope

MP5s -and similar SMGs, chambered in pistol calibres- are slowly but surely phased out as the ultimate close range weapons. They are commonly replaced is the carbine version of the venerable M16 rifle, the M4 carbine or its shorter variation Mk18 CQB-R. In other words; pistol rounds in the form of


Vanaras is relative newcomer in the airsoft market. Their products are niche products. Their past few products received good feedback and were praised as decent quality and fair priced. Their latest product is non functional replica of PEQ-15 laser designator. Laser designators are nothing

VANARAS: 40mm 48 shots POM gas grenade

Replica of M203 grenade launcher is -next to gas blow back replicas- extremely fun accessory to use. Their actual usefulness, may be disputed but feeling of pegging someone with 50+ BBs, accompanied with impressive bang and cloud of gas, is most satisfactory. All is not rosy, though: filling the

ACM: MBUS sights

OK, here is the deal. ACM MBUS sights are copy of a product, which is not even available (should be on the market sometimes in the summer of 2009). Magpul MBUS (Magpul Back Up Sights) were announced at Shotshow 2008, where Magpul promised cheap, reliable and highly refined product. And being Magpul


Occasionally we receive questions like how to make my replica louder/quieter? Until recently, only solutions were mostly mechanical in nature. Not any more. As the story goes, Simon from Mad Bull asked the same question engineers in their R&D department. Response? They taped PET bottle to the muzzl

ACM: EKP-1S-03 Kobra

Avtomat Kalashnikova is undeniably rugged and effective tool of war. Its main feature - and weakness, at least for some- is lack of accessories. And fairly rudimentary sights are not exactly great guarantee of precision shooting. One of the reasons behind relative lack of accessories is the desi

FAB Defense T-Pod

Bipods have been around for years so have vertical grips. Combining those two in a single picatinny rail mounted platform was just a matter of time. GripPod was the first to offer a viable solution. Other followed soon and the competition brought some interesting packages indeed. Some were superrior

ACM M6X Tactical Illuminator & Laser Sight

First tactical flashlights that were attached to pistols or weapons were ordinary Mini Maglite's that were fitted to the custom made under-barrel mounts. These were primarily offered to the LEO's or SF personel that required them to either execute warrants or execute the bad guys, well, no

Airsoft Systems: Airsoft Smart Control Unit

Ever since Systema came to the market with their PTW line and later on with the Revolution gearbox, airsofters have been looking for cheaper ways to attain the features and performance of these systems, that, let's be honest, set the benchmark for electrically driven airsoft replicas. While the