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Serious airsoft players are interesting creatures; they tend to reenact very serious, sometimes deadly profession. This is not the place nor time to discuss (bad?) taste of such activities. Let's rather concentrate on equipment. Equipment, used by professionals is often prohibitively expensive

PROUD: Stock Mag Pouch

This article will be rather short, but it will hopefully answer all the basic questions. People often mount everything short of microwave to their replicas, in order to be more "tactical" (just to achieve opposite effect). Sometimes, less is indeed more. However, stock pouches have reason for existe

ON PATROL: Nomex Flight Gloves

"Bah," you say. "You really don't have anything better to do than writing about gloves?" You may be right, kind reader, however I'm firm believer in safe airsoft. Importance of eye protection, good combat boots (we will write about those in the future) and gloves are not to be underestimat

J-TECH: Cropper 1 - Magazine Recovery Pouch

As I was thinking what exactly to write about in this article, I concluded that single sentence could wrap it up nicely: "If you have more than one magazine you can't live without it." As die hard LowCap user I quickly found out that in the frenzy of combat returning magazines back in mag pouch

PROUD: MLCS Modular Assault Pack

Serious involvement in (MILSIM) airsoft will result in multitude of necessary bits and pieces of equipment- which is another problem on itself - where to store it?. Buzz word, most often associated with modern tactical equipment is modularity. Be lightweight, mission specific, streamlined. Probl

GEMTECH: Tactical Retention Lanyard

Misplacing a weapon was always one of the greatest transgressions of any member of armed forces, regardless of time and place- possible ill effects to health when facing the enemy barehanded aside. Granddaddy of modern lanyards was used by dragoons (light cavalry). They were the first to use (impr

BULLE: Multi- level Load Equipment

Every airsoft player, with half serious interest in airsoft, needs some sort of load bearing equipment. I've always been partial to old belt and yoke combination- it is cheap, low profile and most importantly, it gets work done. Unfortunately, old ALICE or PLCE setup don't not look very e


Readers and visitors of our web pages (news and articles alike) know about company, but we haven't yet introduced their line of tactical equipment, uniforms and accessories, called Bulle: The Bull and Yoke logo which you will find on all Bulle products is adapted from the Ger


This is my first opportunity to take a closer look at Viper products. It was provided by guys at Airsoft Armoury who came trough as top blokes, very helpful and professional. Viper is a brand of replica gear, build around MOLLE platform. Decent prices and good performance are its main advantage ove

HSGI: Modular Horizontal Holster

Work in tactical arena is serious and deadly business. And serious and deadly business demands equipment of the highest quality. Holsters are no exception to this rule and quick glance trough Internet stores show no shortage of good holsters at reasonable prices. Most of them are well engineered a

J-Tech: MICH TC2000

Upon quick glance trough Internet pages one quickly realises just how much US forces are emulated. Some teams go to great length in replicating their favourite unit; far greater number are doing it less seriously or just by name. Helmets are part of the usual equipment of any soldier from the WWI a

BEGADI: Rooikat Uniform Set

Begadi (a well known European store) decided to start their own clothing line for airsoft, security businesses and outdoor activities. It gets better- they asked airsoft community what features are most missed on regular uniforms. Results are uniform sets (shirt, trousers, boonie hat) in two dist

WEB TEX: Tactical Vest, Concealment

What you can't see you can't hit (dumb luck aside). While this may be a truism, it is also a constant reminder that upper hand in (simulated, MilSim) battle belongs to the people who are- in addition to solid training and functional equipment- versed in the art in camouflage. Naturall


PASGT (abbreviation for Personnel Armour System for Ground Troops) may not be the first system, intended for protection of soldiers in the battlefield, but it is certainly most recognizable. Project was started after the Vietnam war in the early 1980's. PASGT is basically a system of anti fra

CAVALVY: Elite II Tactical Headset

What makes a good airsoft team? Besides honesty, a fair grasp of infantry tactics and team play? Communication. Communication is a cornerstone of decent performance. This is not much different than any army, where communication is used for chain of command to delegate orders and to coordinate units

MAXPEDITION: Monkey Combat Admin Pouch

Airsoft can be (and by some is) played in t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. If you count yourself in this group, than you can safely skip this review. This one is for those, who a) play advanced form of milsim airsoft and need storage space for bits and bobs b) like high quality, original (non repro) eq

Mechanix Gloves

While Mechanix Wear has been around for years, their origins can be traced to the Pit Stop's rather than the local SWAT unit or the current hotspot or battlefield. But their products are at home there just as well. When hand protection is required and dexterity is the name of the game, the numb

Blue Force Gear: Vickers Combat Applications Sling

Sling, a warriors best friend and his greatest enemy. Well, in reality it’s not so dramatic, it does come close though. Weapons of all kinds as well as accessories have always been the constant companion of soldiers. To make it’s use and transportation easier, gear of all kinds has b