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IWA 2007

Visiting IWA is always a pleasant experience. This year was especially pleasant. It was nice to put faces to the names in e-correspondence and to talk in person with people, whose products influence contents of our page. And even nicer- when people seen our business cards and/or Airsoft News EU shi

IWA 2008

Yes, we have been at IWA. Yes, we did enjoy it very much. Yes, we are home and yes, this is a short report about new products. First, Action Sport Games. Our friends again prepared large booth with following news: - new licences are A.R.M.S. (RIS, RAS sleeves, all kind of mounts) and Izmash. N

IWA 2009

It was somewhat apparent that IWA 2009 was somewhat less flashy and more concerned about future. Economic recession (and sad event in Germany) made climate less optimistic than year ago. On the other hand, all major players expressed confidence that they will emerge even stronger and that industry w

IWA 2010

IWA is still the most important European outdoor fair in Europe. This year admission rules were changed a bit – for the better. New rules, which fairly successfully weeded out kids (no minors allowed) and enforced strict control over ticket sales contributed to less crowded halls and overall

IWA 2011

The usual trip to IWA usually means some serious snowfall through Austria, not this year though, so the trip itself was quite uneventfull. As such the IWA as you know by now is the smaller European version of the SHOT Show, well minus the shooting ranges and the ability to actually shoot what you se

IWA 2012: Airsoft Report

 IWA 2012 was as much spectacular as it was un-eventful. The trip took us on the usual route through slow Austria to the fast Germany, we’re talking about the motorway limits or the lack of them on the Autobahn. Arriving a bit late in Nuernberg meant we probably won’t be able to c

IWA 2013 Photo Gallery

 With utmost delay, as if we actually tried real hard to post this as late as possible, we’re finally publishing the photos from IWA 2013. Mind this, these are the selection of airsoft related photos. Real steel will either come in a separate gallery or will be posted elsewhere. Anyway,