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Airsoft News EU Editorial 1/2006 (10/5/2006)

First trimester of our little project, called Airsoft News EU, is behind us. Sincere thanks go to all the visitors for their continuous support, kind words and constructive criticism. First Airsoft News Editorial will answer several most frequent questions. 1.The Team Behind Airsoft EU Despi

Airsoft News EU Editorial 2/2006 (10/25/2006)

Airsoft News EU in not only about, well, news. It is also about articles. That is however only the general idea, currently not followed by deeds. And that is -hopefully- about to change. I'm trying to write semi articulate airsoft articles for some time now and I haven't hd nor time n

Airsoft News EU Editorial 3/2006 (11/21/2006)

I've met an interesting fellow. He resides under the bridges, I think. Meet a peculiar variation of normal Internet Troll (lat. Trollus Vulgaris). His cousin Trollus Airsoftus (Airsoft Troll) has somewhat different eating and mating habits... "This is a very peculiar introduction to Editori

Airsoft News EU Editorial 4/2006 (12/03/2006)

Link to interesting airsoft related blog came trough e-mail this evening. Blog is called Joe Cool's Airsoft Shinanigans. Blog is written and edited by a "group of concerned airsoft shops, users, players and team organisers." Information from the blog appears to be solid, at least to me. Pers

Airsoft News EU Editorial 1/2007 (29/01/2007)

Airsoft News EU (EU stands for Europe, which is a conglomerate of mostly non English speaking countries) is project of non English speaking team for very diverse public. Decision to run it in English was not very easy, as I'm not all that convinced that my English language is, well, acceptable.

Airsoft News EU Editorial 2/2007 (15/03/2007)

You are probably following story regarding replica M1A1 Carbine- and we feel that some clarification is in order, as we found ourselves in the midst of the controversy. This Editorial is not aimed at anybody particularly. Airsoft News EU has become quite popular in very short time and we take gr

Airsoft News EU Editorial 3/2007 (30/07/2007)

Inokatsu's posters were certainly noticed. We received several e-mails which we already answered. While I won't comment on the contents of the mails, there are several points which demand clarification. I find it interesting that comments from Europe (and Japan) were mostly "LOL, the