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SFX: Airsoft Pyro Products

I'm in a bit of a pickle here. What to write in the article about smoke? Literally smoke. Oh, and airsoft hand grenades and airsoft flashbangs. I'll try to whip something together and you be the judge if I managed to capture the essence. As you probably guessed from semi coherent yapping,

MAD BULL: APSA Shooting Timer

Mad Bull is one of the few airsoft manufacturers, who realized that airsoft replicas are not useful only in "force on force" scenarios but also as practical shooting tool. Reasons behind conception and growing popularity of airsoft practical shooting are diverse; restrictive laws on possession of fi


It is pretty much a given fact that lessons of WW2 importantly influenced development of modern weapons. Germans were first to equip individual soldier with lightweight, disposable anti-tank weapon, which -despite its relative crudeness- proved its worth in latter stages of WW2. Of course, we are ta


Old timers will remember times when replicas of M14 or G36C were just a dream. Mirage, if you will. Ambitious MilSim players, with need for advanced props for their games, were forced to manufacture such props themselves. My dark secret: I was one of them. Of course, we were limited to DIY (do it


This will be one short review - if you play urban games, do yourself a favour and buy a Airsoft Innovations' Tornado simulation hand grenade. No, actually, scratch that. Buy two. Why? It works. Shortest review ever? Could be, but we will try to substantiate these claims and show you that inv


Quality of materials, used in airsoft replicas, is not the best. Materials are cheap; springs are very soft, for instance. Especially magazine release springs will cave in under little pressure, which means that your precious gaming time will be used to hunt down magazine for your GBB, which went AW

Airsoft Poker Fusion:

A Whole New Element of Tactics  Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world with almost 40 million visitors per year. In 2013, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority reported that, the Strip’s gaming revenue totalled a whopping $6.2 billion. With a burgeoning tourist