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When approached to test and write an article about Classic Army Steyr AUG A1 by kind folks of ASG I certainly jumped at opportunity. ActionSport Games has close ties with Classic Army and were kind enough to lend a specimen to test it out. Regardless, this test is -hopefully- free of bias and as obj


Pop culture -mass media, movies, TV and Internet- made Special Forces' warriors immensely popular. Hard men, with excellent training in superb physical and mental shape doing top secret missions deep behind the enemy lines. This is all true and top warriors need best tools of the trade. US Sp


Heckler&Koch's family of assault rifles, called G36, doesn't need a special, long winded, introduction. Whole family successfully covers entire spectrum of weapons, required on modern battlefield- from compact carbine to assault rifles in different lengths and configurations and finally, l

BOYI: BI-3581

Boyi/Dboys is one of the more profiled names in the ranks of the Chinese manufacturers. What is the deal with the double name? After some research, I was offered an explanation that this is the same company: replicas are sold as Boyi and accessories under Dboys name. They introduced themselves in th


Did you ever wonder, which rifle could be considered as Western counterpart of ubiquitous AK-47? Weapons aficionados often debate about this question and short list usually boils down to M14, G3 and FN FAL. M14's active duty was limited to eight short years, so it fails short in service time.


Concept of battle rifle was prevalent in the years after the WW2. Battle rifle replaced bolt action rifles, which were most common weapon in WW2. Concept of battle rifle- otherwise sound concept- was challenged in Vietnam war, where was M14 quickly replaced by lighter M16. Recently it became obvious

CYMA: CM.035

Every military is as good as it is good its logistic service. A rather unusual beginning of the review, I agree. For instance: if you have several different weapon platforms with different calibre ammunition present, this grossly complicates purchase, transport and distribution. In other words, it c


Despite being a rather unsuccessful model at the time of the conception (its second coming in last couple of years validated its true worth) M14 can be called an iconic weapon. A direct descendant from legendary M1 Garand, this product of Springfield Armory has been produced in huge numbers. Its su

CLASSIC ARMY: M15A4 Carbine Sportline Series

Some people will undoubtedly have trouble recognizing the fact that Classic Army is -at the moment- the biggest and most important manufacturer in Hong Kong - Taiwan region. Their catalogue of replicas, accessories and parts is thick and they constantly improve their products. Their leading positi


Chinese manufacturers were active during 2007. Very active. Their hard work positioned them firmly on the map of replica manufacturers. One of the more interesting Chinese companies is Cyma. Their products are not very original (in the sense of true research and development), but they drastically i

KING ARMS: Troy CQB A3 Compact

Following Colt M4/M16 related products and accessories is 24/7 job, which is another proof of platform's versatility. This market is far from saturated and small, nimble and highly specialized manufacturers with ingenious products are appearing daily. Troy is one of the smaller manufacturers


Star Rainbow Company is one of the more overlooked players in the industry. Explanation for their less than visible presence is their catalogue of replicas. They offer mostly M4 and AK replicas- and market is over saturated by those. Also, first series did suffer from quality control issues, but re


FN FAL is often regarded as counterpart to the ubiquitous Avtomat Kalashnikova and is often named as "the right arm of freedom." Jingoism aside, this may very well be true. It was made in the western country (Belgium), it is reliable, widespread used and despite being surpassed by variety of weapons


Deepfire made name with titanium teethed pistons. These products are reliable and resist well to the usual wear and tear. Over the time, Deepfire introduced a number of parts, mostly for V2 gearbox. Business plan is simple- make your name with high quality small, but vital parts and when your catal


OK, you have a problem. Your neighbors hate your guts. Your nearest ally is couple hundred miles away. What do you do? First, build a respectable arms industry; than take assault rifle, which is not sensitive to sand and dirt (you live in a sandy environment, after all) and make necessary changes i

TOP TECH: M4 Carbine

Announcement of blow back replica M4 from Top Tech generated a impressive buzz in the airsoft community. There were many questions and this review is written with sole purpose to offer answers to this questions and to dispel some rumours, floating around. Solution of blow back system is very inter


By today's standards, the M4A1 from the AR15 family is a weapon deemed almost archaic due to the lack of picatinny rails and everything that can be mounted on those rails. But, the M4A1 is the proverbial father (...or is it the mother?) of today's SOCOM version (...Block I and Block II) of


   Ares Airsoft: Knight’s Armament Corporation – Stoner 96 LMG In 1972 Eugene Stoner formed ARES Incorporated, but left the company in 1989 after designing the ARES Light Machine Gun – often also referred to as the Stoner 86 LMG. The ARES LMG / Stoner 86 was des

ARES: N.G. M4e Carbine

While there might be an abundance of M4 style replicas out there, there always seem to be a place for one more. The M4gery is omni  present and were it not for the slightly different approach that ARES are taking with their latest M4, it would hardly be worth  mentioning let alone test and

ASG Scorpion EVO 3A1 AEG - In Depth Review, Part 1

Around 2 weeks ago a package came through the post that made my day look like Christmas. Thank you note goes to Christian Kaae Olsen, the marketing manager at Action Sport Games. In the package was, as you already know, their flagship AEG gun: Scorpion EVO 3A1.  Package included tactical c

King Arms: VSS Vintorez in depth review.

Good people at King Arms sent to us the desired VSS Vintorez, which is in my opinion one of the most beautifully designed guns. Its looks also tingle my Stalker gaming obsession, that I can’t seem to lose.    So here I am proud to bring to you the review of King Arms VSS Vi

E&L: In DEPTH review of AKS 74 MN from E&L and Meister Arms

E&L contacted me and asked if I was willing to do a review of their new revisions of AK’s. And you know what, when the known manufacturer of awesome replicas asks you that, then the only possible answer is HELL YEAH.   AND      So after a f