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Shotguns may not be typical military armament. It is more likely to be connected with law enforcement officers, hunters, sport shooters and even home defence. But shotguns have their role in modern militaries- as quick solution for locked doors, crowd control and guard duties, for instance. Moss

MEISTER: Glock 17 1st Gen

You probably know the story: mr. Gaston Glock established company, named after himself in order to supply the Austrian army with knifes, training hand grenades, and entrenching tools. Everything else is a legend: Austrian army was searching for new hand gun and Glock was invited to submit his propos


Nine out of ten experts agree: good old Colt 1911 is certainly one of the three best, if not the best pistol platform ever. It is simple, reliable, time proven, no nonsense platform. So, if constructors want to design a reliable pistol they should simply give up and manufacture a carbon copy of vene


This review will start in a most inappropriate fashion- we will tell you why it is a bad time to review a GBB replica. It is winter. There is snow outside and it's cold, so overall it's not the best time to bring a gas powered replica to a field. And now for actual review. If anything m


I'm partial to King Arms' products- they are more than decent in quality and very, very competitive priced. Their range of products is impressive and covers almost every niche of airsoft products, from replicas to accessories. Airsoft News EU editorial staff is extremely proud and grat

WE Airsoft: M14 GBBR

The M14, the last battle rifle the US has fielded, the good old trusty hard hitting warrior. Made famous by the all sorts of warriors, fictional and real. It derrived from the M1 Garand, the original .30 WW2 rifle, the first semi automatic issued weapon of them all. As the WW2 war ended and later on


Knight's Armament has a long history of innovation mainly due to Reed Knight's wish to improve on anything that they make, the fact that he was close friends with Gene Stoner also helps as it would seem good ideas and common sense rub off between such great indivudials. The need for a PDW

Cybergun's Smith & Wesson M&P9 Compact

It’s been a while since the first polymer framed pistols came to the real steel markets. While Glock is still hailed as the pioneer of polymer framed pistols, it was actually Heckler & Koch that introdouced the polymer frame to the world of handguns with the VP70, a full 12 years before&nb

RedWolf: The Nighthawk Custom - COVERT OPS review

Considered to be one of the best handguns in history of man and according to many firearms enthusiasts, M1911/M1911A1 added another variation to its expading numbers. Another sweet addition for your airsoft collection is: The Nighthawk Custom – Covert OPS.      &n